Education Studies Scholars

The Education Studies program includes 60 undergraduates who apply to join the program in the fall of their sophomore year. Twenty scholars in each cohort are selected for their background expertise, their interest in educational practice, research, and/or policy, and their participation in a diversity of majors around the College.

2020 Scholars

Lana Apple Hopper College History
Nadia Balderas Pierson College Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Susannah Beyl Jonathan Edwards College Political Science
Soomin (Selena) Cho Jonathan Edwards College Political Science
Miriam Cohen Franklin College American Studies
Luke Dobson Branford College Electrical Engineering
Donya Fegan Berkeley College Undeclared
Emil Friedman Silliman College Political Science
Sammy Grob Morse College American Studies
Mahima Kumara Pauli Murray College Applied Math or Geology & Geophysics
Jack Lattimore Hopper College English
Carrie Mannino Trumbull College Comparative Literature
Sarah Mele Hopper College American Studies
Xan Miñan Berkeley College WGSS/History
Hannah Perlman Hopper College History
Joy Qiu Ezra Stiles College Math
Sidney Saint-Hilaire Franklin College Cognitive Science
Max Solotar Morse Math
Alexa Vaghenas Pierson Sociology or Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Chase Warren Berkeley Ethnicity, Race and Migration or Linguistics
Alexandra Weyerhaeuser Hopper Environmental Studies

2019 Scholars

Annie Chen Ezra Stiles College Computer Science
Alejandra Corona Ortega Timothy Dwight College Ethnicity, Race and Migration
Franklin Eccher Saybrook College Environmental Studies
Karnessia Georgetown Jonathan Edwards College Economics
Michael Glick Timothy Dwight College Psychology
Jennifer Ha Trumbull College Humanities
Sara Harris Saybrook College Sociology
Colin Hill Ezra Stiles College Statistics and Data Science
Jason Hu Berkeley College Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Tran Le Jonathan Edwards College Political Science
Jorge Lema Berkeley College History or Ethnicity, Race and Migration
Kevin Lin Pierson College Environmental Studies
Liliana Marmolejo Morse College


Jared Michaud Morse College Theater Studies
Airenakhue Omarogbon Franklin College Sociology
Jaclyn Price Berkeley College English
Markus Reneau Silliman College African-American Studies
William Roberts Berkeley College Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Ben Wong Hopper College Political Science
Diana Woodward Trumbull College Humanities
Adam Michalowski Branford College Political Science
Leila Murphy Morse College Ethics, Politics, Economics

2018 Scholars

Veena Advani Davenport College Mathematics
Edgar Avina Saybrook College Political Science  
Saybrook College Political Science  
Raquel Bräu Díaz
Hopper College Ethnicity, Race and Migration  
Davenport College Psychology  
Berkeley College History  
Morse College Sociology  
Branford College Political Science
Berkeley College Global Affairs  
Laura León
Pierson College Ethnicity, Race and Migration  
Silliman College Chemistry  
Ezra Stiles College History of Art  
Mariano Miranda
Morse College Economics  
Branford College Sociology  
Christian Rice
Jonathon Edwards College Political Science  
Trumbull College Psychology  
Berkeley College History  
Branford College Political Science