Senior Capstone Project

During their senior year, Education Studies Scholars complete a year-long capstone project which enables them to conduct in-depth original research or develop an educational innovation. This is an opportunity for scholars to take what they have learned from the program, and decide how they want to make a contribution in the broader education field.

Scholar projects have included original quantitative and qualitative research, policy proposals for community organizations, children’s books and young adult novels, musicals co-written with New Haven high school students, photo essays, short films and more.   As Scholars prepare to graduate, they present at the Capstone Colloquium to fellow Scholars, faculty, mentors, community members, family and friends.  

2017 Education Studies Scholars

Nathaly Basto Camargo, ​“Proposing an Intergenerational Interaction Space”

Katherine Bradley, “An Economic Analysis of the Charter School Market”

Emma Hathaway, “ ‘The Things We Fight For’: Insider Reflections on the Next Great High School Musical”

Maia Hirschler, “ ‘Like School, but Better” ’: Summer Camps as Educational Space”

Shane Kim, “The Financial Crisis and Education Outcomes”

Jessica Liang, “American Sign Language: Why It Has Become a Fallback Foreign Language Credit”  

Molly Lynch, “ ‘I Realized I Could Change My Family’: Why We Should and How We Can Better Support Low- Income High Achievers As They Apply and Transition to High School”  

Kate O’Brien, “Yale Athletes in the New Haven Community: Learning from the Past in Building to the Future”

Lucas Riccardi, “Attitudes Towards School Choice of Parents of LGBTQ Students”

Liza Rodler, “Sex Education in New Haven: Putting the City in the Context of a Century-Long Debate” 

Liliana Santos, “Bodies in a Classroom Space”

Natalie Rose Schwartz, “Scaffolding Critical, Multicultural Literacy in the Early Childhood Classroom” 

Fortney Stark, “ ‘Caitlin’s Big Idea’: Creating A New Social-Emotional Learning Video Series for Preschoolers”

Israel Tovar, “Critical Race Education: Ethnic Studies as a Payment to the National Education Debt” 

Jasper Tyan, “TFA or Wall Street? A Case Study on Recruiting Non-Conventional Teaching Candidates at Ivy League Universities” 

Pablo Uribe “Common Ground: Current Practices Toward a Transformative Social Justice Education; Lessons from Critical Pedagogy and Strategies for the Future”

Kaylyn Williams, “Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education”

Cindy Xue, “Caring 24/7: The Paradox of Nonstandard Work Schedules and Child Care (In)access in the Post-Welfare Reform Era”

Abdul-Razak Zachariah, “ ‘Their Own Set of Wings’: Themes of Representation in Multicultural Children’s Literature”

Cathy Zhu, “Evaluation of the Jones-Zimmerman Academic Mentoring Program (JZAMP)”

2016 Education Studies Scholars

Tanner Allread, “The Current and Future Teacher Shortage: Teacher Recruitment and Retention Policy for Oklahoma’s Rural Schools”

Kelsey Annu-Essuman, “Hope Village Human Rights Curriculum”

Ryan Campbell, “Educational Adaptation: Yale-NUS College and the Legacy of a Liberal Arts Education”

Victoria Campbell, “Write like a Ninja: My Foray Into Creating a Young Adult Novel”

Abigail Cobb, “A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Academic Performance”

Erin Cofrancesco, “How to Get to Sesame Street: The Origins and Impact of Children’s Educational Television”

Gabrielle Fong, “Warrior-Scholars at Yale: the process of seeking Yale credit for a Naval Science course”

Corinne Kentor, “Using Your Outside Voice: A Case Study Exploring the Politics of Bilingual School Leadership in Southern New Mexico”

Mollie Korewa, “Teaching Anti-Racism to Upper Elementary School Students”

Joshua Mandell, “Budgeting for Conflict: Politics and Education Spending in New Haven”

Anabelle Marty, “College Ready Scholars or “Repeat Offenders?”: Perspectives of Black Educators’ on No Excuses Charter Disciplinary Practices”

Kelsey Miller, “When Reform Hits Roadblocks: Lessons from the Implementation of No Child Left Behind for English Language Learners”

Sophie Paci, “Outside the Walls: Exploring the Benefits of Outdoor-Based Learning for Children’s Development”

Travis Reginal, “To Become a Bridge and Not Break: An Autoethnographic Portait of a First-Gen College Student at Yale”

Daniel Rietze, “’Oliver Button is a Sissy’: Integrating LGBTQ Literature into the Middle School English Language Arts Curriculum”

Adriana Rodriguez, “Ethnicity & Me: Teaching Racial Tolerance in Early Childhood Education”

Diana Rosen, “Elm City Montessori: A Public Montessori Option for New Haven”

Daniel Rubins, “ ‘The Central Nervous System of Their Character’: Teaching Extramusical Skills Through Choral Singing”

Lynnli Wang, Those Who Can, Teach: A Study of Prize-Winning Yale Faculty

2015 Education Studies Scholars                           

Laura Brink, Electrical Engineering, “5th Grade Technology Curriculum”                      

Marisol Dahl, Sociology, “Early Literacy and the Publishing Industry”

Reilly Foote, Psychology, “Physical Education in Elementary Education”

Amalia Halikias, Political Science, “The Unexpected, Adverse Effects of Race-Based Affirmative Action Policy in College Admissions”

Avery Jones, English, “8th Grade English Curriculum”                                                          

Rafi Khan, Computer Science, “Igneo Academy: A Free Tech Bootcamp in Cape Town”

Grace Lindsey, American Studies, ”New Haven’s Transitional Schools”

Dominic Lounds, Art,  “ ‘My Stinky Little Brother Doesn’t Like to Read’: A Venture in Children’s Literature”            

Molly Michaels, Psychology Major, “Surveying Anxiety and Depression at Yale”

Billy Moran, Psychology and Political Science, “Federal Student Aid: Developing a 5 Year Strategy Plan”

Linh Nguyen, Political Science, “The Influence of Private Funds in Education Reform”

Ezra Ritchin, Ethics,Politics& Economics, “Community Policing and Youth: Programs directed at Adolescents”

Gavin Schiffres, Ethics,Politics & Economics, “Student-Led Education: A New Public School Model”       

Micah Sukol, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Major, “Citizenship and Education in Arizona’s American Civics Act”

Education Theses by other Yale Seniors

Julia Butts, Sociology, 2017, “Probing the Pattern of Asian American Underrepresentation in Special Education: Educator Perceptions of Students and Parents”

Laura Londoño Pardo, Political Science, 2017, “Education as a Fundamental Right: Exploring the Need For a Constitutional Protection for Children in the United States”

Layla Treuhaft-Ali, History, 2017, “ ‘The Rich Implications of Everyday Things’: The Jeanes Teachers and Jim Crow, 1908–1968”