Adrian Kyle Venzon

Adrian Kyle Venzon (‘23) is an English major in Pierson College. His interest in education was cemented during the fall of his first year. “I had the privilege of teaching a group of amazing kids in my community back home,” he remembers, “but it wasn’t until I took EDST 110 that I knew for sure that education was something I was passionate about both in and out of the classroom.” 

Already, Adrian is making plans for his future students. “I’m really interested in thinking about what anti-racism looks like in classrooms, particularly English classrooms,” he says. “I’m drawn to the subject less because of the literature (though I do love books), and more because I found that as a young student, English classes provided me with the tools to think critically about myself and my position in the world… With that said, it took me seeking out an author immersion class about an Asian author to feel represented in what I was reading. Looking forward to a career in English teaching, I want to be a teacher who cultivates that same environment, but I want to be sure that I have the necessary knowledge and training to be that teacher for all students who enter my classroom.”

Like many Ed Studies Scholars, Adrian has a soft spot for the YES community. “Getting to know so many smart, funny, and just all-around good people has truly been an honor and privilege,” he says. “I want to give a shout out to the rest of my cohort for getting me through a tough year of remote learning–you all are the best and I adore you so much!”