Ana Barros

Ana Barros is part of the class of 2018, studying Political Science, Education, and Art. She is originally from Brazil, but has lived in Venezuela and Panama, and attended high school in Cincinnati, OH. Her research interests lie in English Language Learning and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Outside of being a student, she is the Education Fellow with InnovateHealth Yale, a branch of the Tsai CITY Center which brings groups that work on social innovation together for collaboration opportunities. She works for the Yale Admissions Office as a tourguide and senior presenter, and enjoys using these platforms to meet prospective students and parents, and provide insight to Yale’s philosophy and mission. After graduating, Barros will be moving to Tulsa, OK to teach high school with Teach for America.


In the summer of 2017, Barros worked with Parent Revolution, an advocacy group in downtown Los Angeles, that focuses on empowering parents to push for education reform at the local and state level. Her specific project looked at the state of inter-district transfer options in the LA region. Currently, the Los Angeles Unified School District is one of the lowest-performing districts in the country, but families have almost no way of sending their kids to a neighboring district that may be performing significantly better. Barros’s research this summer centered around assessing current options for parents, which will be used by Parent Revolution in forthcoming policy proposals.


In 2014, Barros founded Citizen, a hands-on high school civics program that empowers students to think tangibly about civic action and their role in advocacy at an early age. She piloted its first program in 2015 at Metropolitan Business Academy, and eventually expanded to the Sound School. The program has since morphed into a Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship curriculum, which Ana is writing and piloting in partnership with InnovateHealth Yale and Tsai CITY. The curriculum is in its second revision, and will be piloted once more in the Spring at Career High School.