Caitlin Dermody

Caitlin Mary Dermody (Morse College 2018) studies Sociology and Education. Her primary research interests include early childhood education, social and emotional learning, and education policy. Outside of the education studies program, Dermody leads the Life Worth Living Fellowship, guides campus tours, and acts as a First-Year Counselor on campus. In her spare time, she loves to swim, sing, and travel.


As an Intern for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Dermody acts as a research assistant for the Early Childhood Team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. In this role, Caitlin collects and records data on 3 -5 year olds at a Preschool in Stamford, CT using metrics like the Woodcock Johnson Test, Box Task, HTKS, and drafts formative assessments for the RULER program.

In March of 2017, Dermody’s research interest in the social and emotional aspects of education led her to the inaugural World Happiness Summit in Miami, Florida. At the three-day summit, Dermody engaged with leading researchers and world experts to encourage emotional education as a global good.


In the Summer of 2017, Dermody supported three scholars in policy research, writing, and data collection as a Research Assistant at the Brookings Institution’s Brown Center on Education Policy. In this role, Dermody designed and implemented a framework for the 2018 Brown Center Report on Education Policy, collected and coded New Orleans bus route data, and analyzed American Community Survey Data on the current teacher workforce using STATA. Amidst short and long term policy projects, Dermody contributed to the Brown Center Chalkboard Blog’s posts on current events in education, like “Transitioning from war to workforce under the new ‘Forever’ GI Bill. Throughout the summer, she spearheaded her own research project on the incorporation of social and emotional learning in preschool, resulting in the published piece, “ABCs and SEL: Integrating Social and Emotional Learning in Academic Pre-Schools.”


As a Teacher’s Assistant at Calvin Hill Daycare, Dermody supports a team of four teachers in a young three’s classroom and leads various classroom activities for 15 three year olds. In the Fall of 2017, Dermody was selected to serve as the Yale undergraduate representative on the twenty-person Calvin Hill Executive Board.

For the past three years, Dermody has been crafting a self-created course entitled “Positivity: The Power of Optimism” for middle school students through Yale’s Splash and Sprout Programs. Dermody continuously updates the course’s content with feedback from students and parents enrolled in Yale’s Splash and Sprout parents program.