Eddie Maza

Eddie Maza is part of the class of 2018 and majoring in History of Art. His research interests include art and museum education and educational accessibility for students with learning differences. On campus he is a Foot leader and is an active member of the Slifka Center.


Maza’s Ed Studies research has focused on the ways in which museum and art education can create empowering learning environments for students with learning disabilities. He has conducted extensive research on museum education and the history of museums in the United States. Additionally, he has researched the psychological effects learning disabilities have on young students and how that impacts their classroom experiences.


IMG_0018.PNGMaza has had a wide variety of educational fieldwork experiences. After his first year at Yale, he worked at New Haven Reads (NHR) teaching literacy and math skills to local students in New Haven. While working at NHR, he saw how the environment of the program facilitated learning and became interested in how students learn in places outside of the classroom.

IMG_9845.jpgSubsequently, he has shifted his focus to museum education. Initially, he worked as a student tour guide at the Yale University Art Gallery. As a tour guide, he learned how to facilitate an environment of collaborative learning in the museum. He then took that experience back to his research and is now working at the Yale Center for British Art on developing a program to use gallery teaching techniques to help students with dyslexia develop stronger literacy skills.