Yale Education Studies capstone presentations

Event time: 
Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Event description: 

The Education Studies capstone reflects a year-long project examining an education topic in depth. This year, our seniors will be presenting wide-ranging projects that add to research, policy and children’s fiction. We hope you will join the Yale Education Studies seniors as they present their capstone presentations and celebrate their efforts through this pandemic year. Register here.


Capstone Title

Josh Diaz

How Gender Formation can Inform Best Practices for Combating Toxic Masculinity

Sammy Grob 

Just for Fun?: The Politics of Representation and Critical Education in High School Musical Theater 

Rayshawn Johnson 

The Histories, Presents and Futures of Black Education in the City of Philadelphia: A Story and a Dream. Chapter 1, The Story. 

Jess Kong

Inroads and Isolation: How Asian American Educators Work Toward Collective Liberation with Their Students and School Communities 

Kathryn Kozey 

Hyper-Individualizing the American Student:

Analyzing the False Political Divide in Educational Policy

Tahj Lakey

40 Acres and a School: Engaging Reparative Hybridity in Education Reform 

Sasha Lee 

Thinking Beyond Traditional Schooling: A Historical Case Study Sites of Alternative Education

Michael Martinez

Disciple & Scandals: How the disciplinary practices of Achievement First Amistad High School impacted school culture and contributed to national scandals. 

Christian Milian-Santiago 

Teaching Taíno: An Interrogation of Puerto Rican Indigenous Education

Ava Niknahad

School Health: Analysis of Collaboration between the Medical and Educational Fields

Courtney Nunley 

Dreaming Black Environmental Futures: A Middle Grade Graphic Novel on Black Communities’ Relationship with the Environment

Seyade Tadele

Oromummaa among Children in the Diaspora: A Middle Grade Novel Exploring Intergenerational Healing in Oromo Families

Sydney Terroso

The Disabling Effects of Society: Approaching the Education of Autistic Students through a Social Model of Disability