Jason Hu

Jason Hu is part of the class of 2019 in Berkeley College. He is majoring in psychology, doing the neuroscience track. His research interests include the changing dynamics of English language learning in both adult and children learners, understanding the racial dynamics and learning disabilities, and the neuroscience behind learning. In his spare time, he enjoys knitting, arts and crafts, learning languages, and watching TV.


Hu has been a member of Bridges ESL, an organization for which he currently serves as publicity director, for the past two years. Through Bridges ESL, he has worked with various students from the New Haven community, teaching them English. The opportunity to do so has allowed him to learn about the challenges of teaching English as a second language, the differences and similarities of teaching adults and children, designing lesson plans, and the daily struggles and joys of immigrants.  


Additionally, Hu has been an active member of the Yale International Relations Associations (YIRA) since 2015. YIRA is an educational non-profit dedicated to improving knowledge of international relations in New Haven, at Yale, and abroad. He has served as Under Secretary General of Delegate Training, in which he oversaw the planning of training programs aimed at helping high school students learn about international relations, practice speaking, and hone their model United Nations (UN) Skills. He has also served as the director for several model UN committees.


IMG_1806.JPGIn the summer of 2016, Hu interned at the Churchill Center and School in St. Louis, MO. The school serves high-potential learners with learning disabilities. The experience allowed him to see the ways in which teaching can empower students with disabilities and engage them in powerful self-advocacy. It was also a chance to look at novel teaching approaches that combined technology, fun, and patience.