Karnessia Georgetown

FullSizeRender.jpgKarnessia Georgetown (JE 19’) is an economics major from Jackson, Mississippi. Her research interests include critical pedagogy and Deaf education. In addition, she is interested in education policy that reduces barriers to quality education for traditionally underserved communities (low income, minority, students with disabilities). In her spare-time, Georgetown enjoys laughing, drinking smoothies, and attending any sort of performing arts event.


IMG_0802.JPGIn spring of 2017, Georgetown spent a semester abroad in Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied Comparative Education and Social Change. During her time in Chile, she conducted an ethnographic study of La Escuela Santiago Apostol, a public elementary school for Deaf students. As a result, Georgetown published her research entitled, “’Las limitaciones no existen, es el sistema el que las crea’: La escuela Santiago Apóstol como una educación liberadora de Personas Sordas.” Her research examines the human rights abuses that Deaf persons face in Chile and the school’s pedagogical response to the discrimination facing their students.


Georgetown serves as the Curriculum and Coaching director for the New Haven Urban Debate League, a nonprofit debate league that teaches public speaking and research skills to New Haven high school students. In this capacity, she creates weekly curricula to be implemented in the classroom and trains their team of approximately fifty debate coaches on the effective implementation of teaching and classroom management strategies.

On campus, Georgetown works for the Yale College Dean’s Office as a Communication and Consent Educator (CCEs). As a CCE, Georgetown leads mandatory workshops for all first years and sophomore Yale students about consent and creating a positive sexual and social campus climate.

IMG_3424.JPGDuring the summer of 2016, Georgetown returned to her home state of Mississippi to teach reading classes and financial literacy classes to 6th graders at a community center in her neighborhood. During the summer of 2017, Georgetown designed her own curriculum as an instructor for Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) in New Haven. As a YYGS instructor, she taught classes on a range of topics such as power dynamics in sustainable development and predatory lending in low-income communities to a diverse group of students from more than twenty countries.