Michael Glick

Michael Glick is a junior studying Computer Science & Psychology as well as Spanish. Outside of academics, he serves as one of the captains of FCYU (Yale men’s club soccer), Chair of Yale Students for Veterans, and Vice President of Education and Engagement for Yale Friends of Israel. He also loves to bake.


During the 2016-17 academic year, Glick served as a research assistant in the Infant Cognition Center, where he went each morning before classes to present and code studies. In addition to the work he did for two graduate students and three postdoctoral fellows, he had the chance to design an independent research project exploring the impact of phones on parent-child relationships.


Over the past three years, Glick has made the most of the teaching opportunities on campus and in New Haven, working as a tutor and also volunteering as a teacher for both Splash and Sprout and as a discussion leader for the book club at Co-Op Arts and Humanities High School. He also founded the Ralph Verde Soccer Project, which offers free soccer clinics to students in local schools. 

During his sophomore summer, Glick had the opportunity to build on his previous teaching experiences as a teaching fellow at Breakthrough Twin Cities in St. Paul, MN, where he taught two writing courses and co-taught an elective course on specialized topics in mathematics to under-resourced eighth- and ninth-grade students.