Miranda Chapa

Miranda Chapa is a member of the class of 2018. As a history major, she is broadly interested in race, gender, and indigeneity in the United States. In the future, she hopes to teach history in a public school, with the aim of making history more truthful, engaging, and empowering for students. On campus, she is part of Yale Women’s Club Soccer and leads First-year Outdoor Orientation Trips.


In Education Studies courses, Chapa has researched the opportunity gap in summer learning opportunities for children. Additionally, she has researched racial disparities in school discipline, looking specifically at district-level efforts to reform school discipline in Los Angeles. She wants to be an educator that advocates for alternatives to punitive discipline.


Chapa has spent two summers teaching at Breakthrough Kent Denver, a non-profit summer program for middle-schoolers. She taught writing to a group of 9th graders who never failed to make her laugh. Training and support from an instructional coach helped her to learn and reflect on the craft of teaching. Some of Chapa’s favorite parts of Breakthrough were the overnight camping trip, co-teaching an art elective, and playing soccer with students each afternoon. These summers in Denver have solidified her desire to be an educator. During the school year, Chapa tutors students in literacy skills at New Haven Reads each week. She enjoys getting to work with one student all year and sharing her love of reading.