Resources and Funding

Education Studies Grants and Fellowships

The Education Studies program supports funding for Yale faculty, graduate and undergraduate students pursuing research and field experiences in education. Education Studies is also able to offer course development grants. To learn more about proposing a course, click here

Research Funding for Ladder Faculty

Education Studies Faculty Research Grants of up to $10,000 are available to full-time ladder faculty at Yale University in any department or school. Education Studies research grants are awarded for innovative projects that examine education, including formal and informal schooling, from a wide range of disciplines and methodologies.

Preference will be given to junior faculty for whom these awards could lead to larger projects, to interdisciplinary projects, and to faculty collaborating on projects. We also encourage projects to include hiring EDST undergraduates as research assistants. Additional consideration will be given to faculty affiliated with the Education Studies program and/or serving on its Advisory Committee.

General principles for awards
Education Studies awards may be used to supplement other grants, but when applying, please share total budgets for the project. Funds may be used to support hiring research assistants, transcription and software purchases. No awards will be made for equipment purchases, to subsidize publications, or to cover travel and expenses for attendance and participation at professional meetings, or for purposes of general study or course preparation. These funds cannot be used for business class travel. Funds also cannot be used to pay academic year salaries, summer salaries or stipends, or for leaves of absence without pay.

To apply, please share:  1) A project description (1-2 pages) 2) A total budget break-down and a timeline of activities 3) Curriculum vitae of those involved in the project.
The application deadline is October 1st. 
Note that you do not have to submit any letters of recommendation. Please email documents to

Education Studies Graduate Research/Conference Travel Awards

The Yale Education Studies program offers Research/Conference Grants to aid Yale University graduate students in the Arts & Sciences who are engaged in research on their doctoral dissertations during the summer and/or next academic year and/or plan to present their research at education-related conference. Education Studies research grants are awarded for innovative projects that examine education from any discipline(s) and methodologies. All applicants are urged to also pursue external non-Education Studies and non-Yale funding. 

Research Funding
Research funding of up to $5,000 is available. To apply please share 1) project description (1-2 pages) 2) A total budget break-down and a timeline of activities and 3) your CV

You do not need letters of recommendation, although your department registrar and PI/Advisor will need to confirm graduate school standing, candidacy, and conference attendance. 

Conference Travel
Graduate Students are eligible to receive funding for one conference per fiscal year (e.g. July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024). Conference Travel Awards are for presentations of research papers. Applicants may request up to $1500. Priority will be given for Ph.D students who are in their 2nd or higher year. 

You should apply for the conference travel grant after immediately after receiving acceptance to present and prior to the conference. Your application should include 1) an abstract of your paper topic to be presented at the conference and a brief description of why the conference is important to your research and relevant to Education Studies (1 page); 2) an itemized budget; and 3) written confirmation of your conference acceptance; and 4) your CV.

Awards will be given to reimburse conference expenses upon receiving receipts. Receipts may be submitted up to 45 days after the conference

For research, the application deadline is October 1 and recipients will be notified in November with funds distributed in January. For conference travel, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

To apply: Please include the following in a SINGLE PDF document titled: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.EDSTGraduateFunding.pdf
 Email to


Education Studies Undergraduate Summer Field Experience/Research Fellowship

The Yale Education Studies program offers summer fellowship support to undergraduate Yale Education Studies Scholars and Certificate students in gaining field experience in education practice, policy and/or research.  We will award grants of up to $5,000 maximum. Students may apply for less than that amount in combination with other funding sources, but may not apply for additional TOTAL funds beyond $5,000.

The Fellowship is intended to support full-time work/study that is your primary commitment of the summer, for a period lasting at least eight weeks. This fellowship is designed: 1) provide compensation and cover living expenses for what would otherwise be an unpaid or underpaid education internship; or 2) fund a student research project in education. The fellowship can fund travel to the internship location, housing for the duration of the internship, food, and daily transportation expenses.

Awardees doing internships must secure their own placements, and must demonstrate that they have no other sources of funding available to support their internship (for eg. they have applied to all other university funding sources, and they have already used an SEA for internship or research purposes).

At the end of the summer, Fellows will submit a brief report describing their learning through the field experience.

Deadline for the Field Experience Fellowship is April 1, although funds are limited and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.