Sayda Martinez-Alvarado

Sayda Martinez-Alvarado (‘23) is a Psychology major in Davenport from Leesburg, Virginia. Like many Education Studies Scholars, she became aware of her interest in education in EDST 110. “Before then, I didn’t know that education was something you could study,” she remembers. “It was mind-blowing. It gave me a new lens for my whole life because education has so deeply influenced what I’ve been through and who I am now.” Though she’s loved many of her professors since then, Sayda is especially grateful for Jessica Sager and Janna Wagner, co-professors of Childcare, Society, and Public Policy (EDST 225). “Education Studies classes are just so incredibly taught,” she says. “It’s because of them that I have an interest in early childhood education.”


More broadly, Sayda is committed to increasing access to equitable education for low-income students and students of color. This passion is reflected in her long list of extracurriculars; she is a Head Advising Fellow for Matriculate, a Peer Mentor for the Academic Strategies Program, and a Counselor for the First-Year Scholars at Yale (FSY). Over the summer, Sayda interned for the National Coalition on School Diversity, an organization that works to promote school integration across the country. She sincerely believes that “we can change the world through education.”