Education Studies Scholars

The Education Studies program includes 60 undergraduates who apply to join the program in the fall of their sophomore year. Twenty scholars in each cohort are selected for their background expertise, their interest in educational practice, research, and/or policy, and their participation in a diversity of majors around the College.

2022 Scholars

Edie Abraham-Macht Branford College Undeclared
Jordan Ashby  Davenport College Undeclared
Brooklin Ballard Silliman College Political Science
Dylan Campbell Trumbull College Cognitive Science
Denae Clowers Jonathan Edwards College Economics
Alexandra Contomichalos Davenport College Neuroscience
Mikah Covelli Pierson College Psychology
Ajay Culhane-Husain Branford College Economics 
José Garcia Pierson College Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
Donasia Gray Saybrook College African-American Studies
Simone Koch Costa Timothy Dwight College Sociology
Jessica Kong Franklin College Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Sasha Lee Franklin College Sociology
Phoebe Liu Trumbull College Computer Science & Mathematics
Madison Murphy Jonathan Edwards College Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Laura Nicholas Pauli Murray College Undecided
Thuy Pham Timothy Dwight College Statistics and Data Science
Matt Post Saybrook College Religious Studies
Sam Ryan Silliman College Psychology

Arya Singh

Pauli Murray College

History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health

Rahshemah Stevenson Wise Morse College Computing and the Arts
Blanca Tallaj Pauli Murray College Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
Victor Torres Davenport College Psychology
Natalie Troy Branford College Undeclared
Eda Uzunlar Davenport College Global Affairs
Isaac Yearwood Pauli Murray College African-American Studies

2021 Scholars

Ava Niknahad Morse College Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
Becca Rose Silliman College Undeclared
Chloé Glass Timothy Dwight History of Art
Christian Milian Davenport College Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
Courtney Nunley Morse College African American Studies
Darwin Leuba Jonathan  Edwards Computer Science
Emma Ruohoniemi Pauli Murray Humanities
Jackie Zhang Silliman College Chemistry or Cognitive Science
Joshua Diaz Morse College Sociology
Juliana Viola Trumbull College Computer Science and Mathematics
Kathryn Kozey Trumbull College History of Science and Medicine
Katie Malinson Pierson College Psychology with Neuroscience
Michael Martinez Hopper College Political Science
Raphael Orleck-Jetter Morse College Psychology
Rayshawn Johnson Hopper College African American Studies/Sociology
Ryan Sandler Jonathan Edwards Political Science
Seyade Tadele Timothy Dwight Economics
Sydney Terroso Davenport College Psychology
Tahj Lakey Trumbull College Ethnicity, Race and Migration
Grace Kim Franklin College Psychology

2020 Scholars

Lana Apple Hopper College History
Nadia Balderas Pierson College Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Susannah Beyl Jonathan Edwards College Political Science
Jane Buckley Jonathan Edwards College Political Science
Imani Butler Jonathan Edwards College African American Studies
Soomin (Selena) Cho Jonathan Edwards College Political Science
Miriam Cohen Franklin College American Studies
Brian Dolan Hopper College Physics
Donya Fegan Berkeley College Undeclared
Emil Friedman Silliman College Political Science
Sammy Grob Morse College American Studies
Mahima Kumara Pauli Murray College Applied Math or Geology & Geophysics
Jack Lattimore Hopper College English
Carrie Mannino Trumbull College English
Sarah Mele Hopper College American Studies
Hannah Perlman Hopper College History
Joy Qiu Ezra Stiles College Math
Sidney Saint-Hilaire Franklin College Cognitive Science
Max Solotar Morse College Math
Alexa Vaghenas Pierson College Sociology or Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Odette Wang Branford College Sociology
Chase Warren Berkeley College Ethnicity, Race and Migration or Linguistics
Alexandra Weyerhaeuser Hopper College Environmental Studies