Veena Advani


Veena Advani (DC ‘18) is a Math major from Philadelphia. Within Education Studies, her primary interest is K-12 online education. She is particularly interested in applications of online education in developing countries, and programs in developing countries that mix traditional school infrastructure with online classes. She is also interested in Mathematics education and research that focuses on ways to improve gender inclusivity in Mathematics education.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, painting, and playing table tennis.



During the summer of 2015, Advani interned at ApprenNet, an online education startup in Philadelphia that specialized in teaching soft skills through video practice, and was primarily used in corporate training programs, law schools, and nursing schools. During the summer of 2017, she interned as a software engineer at Khan Academy, an online education non-profit that offers free videos and practice questions for a variety of academic subjects at the K-12 level. While at Khan Academy, in addition to working on several software projects, Advani also worked on a user retention study that analyzed how likely students were to return to Khan Academy after watching a video, and how retention varied depending on the length of the video, the subject of the video, and the school level of the student (elementary school, middle school, high school, etc.). She also built a dashboard that enabled people at Khan Academy to see how students were performing on newly written practice questions, in the hopes that content developers could more easily identify questions that needed to be changed or edited.

During the school year, Advani is involved with several STEM education extracurricular activities at Yale.  She helps teach a weekly introductory computer science class in a local middle school through Code Haven, an extracurricular group started by Education Studies Scholar Annie Chen.  She also helps organize and develop curricula for CodeBoola, an annual one-day educational computer science event for high school students in New Haven.  CodeBoola teaches a series of introductory workshops that covers topics such as programming in Python, algorithms, how the internet works, and how technology such as self-driving cars impacts society. Lastly, Advani is on the board of Dimensions, a group that aims to inspire, celebrate and support gender minorities in Mathematics at Yale. Through Dimensions, she has organized several events to provide math class advice to first years, and teaches an introduction to LaTeX workshop.