Teaching courses about education at Yale

The Education Studies program includes courses taught by distinguished practitioners in the education field who share their clinical expertise with students. These courses, taught on a one time basis, have included courses in education law, journalism, leadership.

Lecturers generally hold a terminal post-baccalaureate degree (PhD, JD, MFA, MD, or the equivalent), and generally have experience teaching at the college or university level. Exceptions are sometimes made in the case of professionals who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields and who have five or more years of professional experience. Exceptions are also sometimes made in the case of advanced graduate students at Yale, who are actively pursuing a terminal degree and are in the final year of their graduate career.

Interested applicants should apply to teach in theĀ Yale College Seminar Program.

Please include in the proposalĀ how the course would complement and build off existing Education Studies courses, and how it would fit into the program’s focus on research, policy and practice.