Frequently asked questions

What does it mean that Education Studies is a multidisciplinary academic program (MAP)?

Yale’s multidisciplinary academic programs were created as interdisciplinary spaces to examine pressing social challenges among a community of students and faculty who have shared interests. Students select their major course of study and additionally may apply to participate in a MAP in the fall of their sophomore year. The MAPs programs are intentionally small to facilitate close advising and the development of a strong community. The Education Studies Scholars program is ideal for students with extensive curricular, practice and research interests in education.

Does Yale have a major in Education Studies?

Yale’s Education Studies program is not a major. Yale students with education interests take courses in Education Studies and have the opportunity to apply for the Education Studies Scholars program.

Does Yale offer teacher certification?

The Education Studies program does not include teacher certification. A number of Yale students pursue careers in teaching after graduation through enrolling in a teacher preparation master’s program or an alternative certification route to teaching.

Does Yale offer graduate programs in education?

Graduate students can enroll in Education Studies courses with permission of their division or school. There are no Yale graduate degrees in Education Studies.

What careers do Yale Education Studies scholars pursue after graduation?

Given the interdisciplinary focus of Yale’s Education Studies program, scholars pursue a wide range of education-related careers after graduation. In the last few years, roughly three quarters of Education Studies scholars have gone into teaching in the US or overseas, pursuing graduate study in education law or policy, working for education think tanks or foundations, founding schools, writign children’s books or working in education journalism and technology.