Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the Scholars Intensive Certificate and the regular Certificate?

  • The Scholars Intensive Certificate is a selective, cohort program culminating in the senior capstone project. Yale students apply to the Scholars program in the fall of their sophomore after taking EDST 110 Foundations in Education Studies. Accepted students take three courses together developing their senior capstone project. They are closely mentored over multiple years by Yale Education Studies faculty.
  • The Education Studies Certificate is a flexible course-work based program allowing students to develop individualized expertise in Education Studies. It is a good option for students who have other significant curricular committments (such as a double major) and want to customize an individualized learning experience. 
  • View a comparison of the two certificate pathways here.

2. Does Yale have a major in Education Studies?

Yale’s Education Studies program offers two Certificate programs (similar to a minor at other universities). It does not offer a major.

3. Does Yale offer teacher certification?

Yale University’s Education Studies program does not include teacher certification. After graduation, a number of Yale students pursue careers in teaching  through enrolling in a teacher preparation master’s program or an alternative certification program.

4. Does Yale offer graduate programs in education?

Graduate students can enroll in Education Studies courses with permission of their division or school. There are no Yale graduate degrees in Education Studies.

5. When can I apply to the Yale EDST program?

As soon as a Yale student enrolls in EDST 110, they may register for the EDST Certificate.  Students can apply for the Scholar Intensive Certificate program in the fall of their sophomore year (and in special circumstances in their junior year.)

6. If I start completing an EDST Certificate and I decide I want to apply to the Scholars Intensive Certificate, can I change?

Yes. Students will ultimately participate in only one program, the regular Certificate or the Scholars Intensive Certificate.

7. Can courses that I take for the Scholars program or the Certificate be counted for my major as well? 

A total of 2 courses may potentially overlap between your major and an Education Studies Certificate.

8. Can I take courses for the Ed Studies certificates Credit/D/Fail?

With the exception of EDST 110, students completing the regular Education Studies certificate may take one of their EDST courses Credit/D/Fail. For students completing the Scholars Intensive certificate, one of the two elective courses may be taken Credit/D/Fail.

9. What counts as an Education Studies Field Experience? 

Students who completing the Scholars Intensive Certificate will complete a field experiencea prolonged work/volunteer experience in education research, policy, or practice. Field experiences are either full-time summer placements (at least 8 weeks) or part-time, full-year placements (several hours per week during the academic year). They can take place before or after acceptance to the Scholars Intensive Certificate. 

10. What careers do Yale Education Studies scholars pursue after graduation?

Given the interdisciplinary focus of Yale’s Education Studies program, scholars pursue a wide range of education-related careers after graduation. In the last few years, roughly three quarters of Education Studies scholars have gone into teaching in the US or overseas, pursuing graduate study in education law or policy, working for education think tanks or foundations, founding schools, writing children’s books or working in education journalism and technology. 

For additional questions, please email Director Mira Debs.