Courses in Education Studies are offered by Yale Faculty whose courses in Yale college are foundational or closely linked to education and by clinical faculty with leadership expertise in the field of education.

The following courses are offered & cross-listed with Education Studies, although annual offerings will vary. For more information please see 
Introductory Course: EDST 110/SOCY 112 Foundations in Ed. Studies (fall)
New Scholar Seminar: EDST 261 Colloquium: Readings in Education Studies (spring)


Social Contexts & Policy

EDST 162 / SOCY 162 Methods in Quantitative Sociology (spring)

EDST 107/PHYS107/MB&B 107 Being Human in STEM (spring)

EDST 135/PHIL 130 Philosophy of Education (spring)

HIST 138J History Wars (fall)

EDST 177/PHIL 177/CGSC 277/EPE 494 Propaganda, Ideology and Democracy (fall)

EDST 205 Principles of Effective Teaching in the Secondary Classroom (spring)

EDST 209/WGSS 202/ER&M 292/AMST 461/AFAM 239 Identity, Diversity, and Policy in U.S. Education (fall)

EDST 211/ER&M 406 Latinx Communities and US Education (fall)

EDST 217/HIST 140J History of American Education (fall)

EDST 218/PSLC 319 Democracy and Education (spring)

EDST 223 / PSLC 223 Learning Democracy: Civic Education (fall)

EDST 225 Child Care, Society, and Public Policy (spring)

EDST 230 American Education and the Law (spring)

EDST 235 Education and the Culture Wars (spring)

EDST 238 / PLSC 238 The Politics of Public Education (fall)

EDST 330/SOCY 329 Sociology of Education

EDST 240 / SOCY 396 Pursuing Racial Justice in Segregated Schools (formerly Cities, Suburbs and School Choice) (spring)

EDST 241 Disability Studies and Special Education (fall)

EDST S255/ANTH S324 Race, Inequality, and Urban Education and Housing Policy (Summer)

EDST 255/ER&M Education and Empire (fall)

EDST 263 Place, Race, and Memory in Schools (fall)

EDST 270 Contemporary Native American K-12 and Postsecondary Educational Policy (spring)

EDST 271/ECON  Urban Inequalities and Educational Inequality (spring)

EDST 274 College in Prison (spring)

EDST 281/PSLC 281 The Rise of the University (spring)

EDST 282/PSLC 417 Comparative International Education (spring)

EDST 285 Educational Design: The Form and Function of Schooling and Learning (spring)

EDST 290a Leadership, Change, and Improvement in Education (fall)

EDST 340/ER&M/AFAM Anti-Racist Curriculum and Pedagogy (spring)

EDST 478 / MUSI 452 Music in Service to Society (spring)

Individuals in Society

EDST 065 Education and Life Worth Living (fall)

ENGL 115/EDST 115 Childhood and Books (fall)

HUMS 115/EDST 116 Purpose of College Education

EDST 125a / PSYC 125a Child Development (fall)

EDST 127/PSYC 127 Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Ed (spring)

EDST 128b / PSYC 128b Language, Literacy, and Play  (spring)

EDST 140 / PSYC 140 Developmental Psychology  (fall) 

EDST 160 /PSYC 150 Social Psychology  (spring) 

EDST 180 / PSYC  180 Clinical Psychology (fall)

EDST 233/FILM 233 Children and Schools in Global Cinema (spring)

EDST 237/LING 217 Language and Mind (fall)

EDST 334/PHIL 334 Public Plato

EDST 350 / PSYC 350 Autism and Related Disorders (spring)

EDST 436b/PSYC 436b Translating Developmental Science into Educational Practice (spring)

Senior Capstone

EDST 400 Advanced Topics in Education Studies (fall)

EDST 410 Senior Capstone or EDST 490 Senior Essay Independent Study (spring)

This list of courses eligible for Education Studies elective credit will be reviewed annually by the program’s Director and Advisory Committee.  The Director, in consultation with the Advisory Committee or individual faculty advisors, may approve courses beyond those listed here that meet the objectives of the Education Studies program or the particular interests of a student.