Erica E. Watson

Dr. Erica E. Watson is a compassionate health provider, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professional, and an empathetic advocate and activist who anchors in anti-racist practices as a standard, through teaching, developing curriculum, and caring. Dr. Watson successfully created a wide range of anti-racist and pro-equity curricula for K-12 and undergraduate schools, public health courses, and a medical school. She hopes to encourage future and present educators to delve beyond the standard classroom and begin to explore the educational and social-emotional needs of neglected communities.
She has been fascinated with the physiology and biopsychosocial contributors since childhood, and studied cardiometabolic disorders, social-emotional health, and just about anything pathology-related. As a nutritionist with a strong background in health equity and trauma-informed care, Dr. Watson enjoys supporting patients by providing highly individualized and collaborative plans and supports. She also oversees a small bilingual (Spanish/English) blood pressure clinic for predominantly Black and Brown populations, and is looking forward to becoming certified in American College of Lifestyle Medicine next year.

When she has free time, Dr. Watson most enjoys activities with family, especially her children. She loves hosting “Watson Food Parties,” and takes just about every opportunity she can to hike, cook, and learn. A faithful woman to the core, she has an everlasting respect for Earth, and full commitment to the very best health and learning for humans.