Yale Education Studies Programs

The Yale Education Studies Program offers two certificate pathways enabling Yale undergraduates to study education across the liberal arts, developing expertise in the theory and research, policy, and practice of education. 

Yale undergraduates complete a certificate in Education Studies alongside their major.

Please note that Yale does not offer teacher certification, a Master’s or PhD in Education Studies, although many Education Studies students go on to train as teachers after graduation from Yale.

Certificate Pathways

Scholar Intensive Certificate (by application)
6 course credits
Certificate (uncapped)
5 course Credits
  A selective, cohort program culminating in the senior capstone project. Yale students apply to the Scholars program in the fall of their sophomore after taking EDST 110 Foundations in Education Studies. Accepted students take three courses together developing their senior capstone project. They are closely mentored over multiple years by Yale Education Studies faculty. A flexible, course-based program allowing students to develop individualized expertise in Education Studies. It is a good option for students who have other significant curricular commitments (such as a double major) and want to customize an individualized learning experience. 
first year/sophomore year

EDST 110, Foundations in Education Studies

EDST 261, Research seminar for new scholars

EDST 110 Foundations in Education Studies

junior year

One EDST course each:

  • Social Contexts & Policy
  • Individuals in Society

One EDST course each:

  • Social Contexts & Policy 
  • Individuals in Society
senior year

Senior capstone (EDST 400 and EDST 410)

 Two EDST electives 
  + a Field Experience, completed before or after after acceptance into the cohort  

Additional Details

Following Yale guidelines about combining programs, Yale students may participate in a total of 3 academic programs including majors and certificates.