Education Studies Faculty Director Grace Kao Interviewed on Anti-Asian Racism and Sexism

April 5, 2021

Education Studies faculty director and sociologist Grace Kao was recently interviewed in WSHU NPR News following the killing of 8 people in Atlanta salons, including 6 Asian-American women and salon workers. In this interview, Professor Kao gives insight into her own personal experience as an Asian-American woman in the United States as well as tracing the history of racism and sexism against Asian-American women. 

 These businesses, which, I don’t think it’s relevant whether or not it was sexual in nature. But it does cater to a desire by some men to have some kind of contact with an exotic Asian worker.”

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Since the shooting, Professor Kao has been quoted in numerous articles about anti-Asian racism and sexism including The Wrap, The LA Times, The Finger Lake TimesKRON-4CNNInsiderUSA Todayand The Washington Post