Olivia Sally

Olivia (Liv) Sally (she/her) is a rising junior in Pauli Murray College majoring in Political Science. She has always been attracted to the field of education, which she believes “is a really powerful force for both upward mobility and the subjugation of different groups.” Liv is particularly interested in education policy and constitutional intersections with education, as well as civic education, critical race theory, college admissions, and elite high schools.
Liv’s experience in the YES community “has been phenomenal,” she remarks. “I think that I’ve had perhaps the most intimate experience in terms of teacher-student relationship.” Liv mentions that office hours with Professor TZB has really allowed her to delve into her identity and how it interacts with Yale and Yale Education Scholars. “It helped me better understand the unique value that I can bring to the group,” she says, “as well as the beauty of the space for me and the exploration opportunities that it presents.”
One of Liv’s favorite memories in the YES program occurred in her EDST 110 discussion section. “To hear so much conviction in the classroom was inspiring,” she reflects, “and it wasn’t conviction for a provocative purpose, or talking just for talking’s sake; it was a genuine conviction and belief in the power of education.” Liv doesn’t know where she sees herself in the next few years, but she hopes she will be happy—and that she’ll have finally run a half marathon! “I think that Ed Studies is one of the most surprising things that I got involved with at Yale,” she says. “There’s a level of intimacy and dedication and conviction that I think is unmatched within other departments. Our cohort has so many powerhouses and so much passion, and I’m very grateful to be a part of the group.”