Education Studies faculty

Education Studies Faculty include professors whose courses in Yale college are foundational or closely linked to education and by clinical faculty with expertise in the field of education.

Grace Kao

Faculty Director, Education Studies and Professor of Sociology


Mira Debs

Executive Director, Education Studies. mira.debs@yale.edu

(203) 432-4631, 494 College Room 408

Jill Campbell

Professor of English

2019-2020 Executive Council

Craig Canfield

Associate University Registrar, Faculty Support


Nancy Close

Assistant Professor at the Child Study Center and Lecturer in Psychology


Andrew Dowe | Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Andrew Dowe

Lecturer in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Associate Director, Office of LGBTQ Resources

Amir Shawn Fairdosi's picture

Amir Fairdosi

Lecturer in Political Science, Associate Research Scholar at the Center for the Study of American Politics

Amir Fairdosi

Lecturer in Political Science, Associate Research Scholar at the Center for the Study of American Politics
Bryan Garsten | Harvard Graduate Conference in Political Theory

Bryan Garsten

Professor of Political Science and Humanities

Larry Gladney

Phyllis A. Wallace Dean of Diversity and Faculty Development; Professor of Physics


Richard Hersh

Lecturer and Senior Advisor to Education Studies


Carla Horwitz

Faculty Member, Yale Child Study Center, Education Studies Program and Department of Psychology Director, Emerita of Calvin Hill Day Care Center and Kitty Lustman-Findling Kindergarten


Julian Jarra-Ettinger

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Jane Karr | Department of Political Science

Jane Karr

Block Lecturer in Journalism


Richard Lemons  

Executive Director of the Connecticut Center for School Change and Lecturer in Education Studies


Mary Lui

Professor of American Studies and History, Head of Timothy Dwight College

Congratulations to Scholarship Winners Sarah Medina Camiscoli and Anita  Yandle

Sarah Medina Camiscoli

Founder, Co-Chair at IntegrateNYC

Matthew Makomenaw | Yale Group for the Study of Native America

Matthew Makomenaw

Assistant Dean of Yale College and Director of the Native American Cultural Center


Maria Piñango

Associate Professor in Linguistics


Ana Ramos-Zayas's picture

Ana Ramos Zayas

Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, and Professor of American Studies and Anthropology


Brian Scassellati

Professor of Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Jessica Sager

All our Kin Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lecturer in Education Studies


Melissa Scheve's picture

Melissa Scheve

Associate Director, Faculty Teaching Initiatives


Jason Stanley

Professor of Philosophy


Janna Wagner

All our Kin Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Lecturer in Education Studies


Talya Zemach-Bersin

Lecturer in Education Studies