Education Studies Certificate

As of November 2020, an Education Studies Certificate has been added as a second pathway available for Yale college students with significant interests in Education Studies.  The Certificate is available to students from the class of 2022 onwards. 

Alongside the existing Yale Education Studies Scholars Multidisciplinary Academic Program (MAP), which will not change its format, the certificate offers Yale students a coursework-focused track to develop expertise in education research, policy and practice and have this expertise reflected on their transcript.

Importantly, the certificate is uncapped making it available to all interested Yale students. Students will choose one pathway: either the Scholars MAP or the Certificate.

Certificate Structure: 5 course credits including

1. EDST 110 Foundations in Education Studies

2. one course credit each in Social Contexts & Policy & Individuals and Society (see a list of courses by category) 

3. 2 Education Studies electives

Procedure for completing the Education Studies certificate

Students interested in completing an Education Studies certificate should fill out the certificate  registration, and they may do so as early as their first year as soon as they have started taking EDST 110. Once students register their interest, they will keep track of their courses on a YES Certificate course worksheet. YES Certificate students will be encouraged to participate in Education Studies events throughout the semester. The declaration form for a certificate must be submitted no later than the due date for course schedules in the student’s final term of Yale enrollment. The final Yale transcript will indicate successful completion of a Certificate.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.