Education Studies Alumni

Education has long been one of the top careers Yale students choose after graduation. 15% of Yale college graduates go on to careers in education.

Yale Alumni in Education

Yale alumni education leaders include John King (JD 2007), President of the Education Trust and the former Secretary of Education, Dacia Toll (JD 1999), the founder and co-CEO of the Achievement First charter school network and education technology entrepreneurs Max Ventilla, the founder of Alt School, Sam Strasser (YC 2008) of Summit Public Schools and Aaron Feuer (YC 2013) of Panorama Education.

Yale Education Studies Scholar-Alumni

Education Studies Scholars pursue education in a variety of pathways after graduation. One-third of the 2015, 16 and 17 Education Studies Scholars have entered preK-12 teachers in a variety of school settings. The remainder enter PhD programs or law school, work in think tanks, education or political consulting, educational technology, journalism, non-profits, and government, among other fields. 

Read below for profiles of Yale Education Studies Scholars after graduation.


 Corinne Kentor (2016) is at Columbia Teacher’s College completing a PhD in Anthropology and Education.


 Cindy Xue (2017) is researching the role of private academic tutoring on growing urban-rural education inequality in Wuhan, China, funded by the Yale-China Association’s Guizishan Fellowship.



Reginal Travis Reginal (2016) is a research fellow at the Urban Institute.


 Liza Rodler (2017) is in Washington D.C. doing policy research regarding family welfare, workforce development, and social programs. 


  Nicola Soekoe (2015) is a Policy and Training Fellow at Equal Education, South Africa.


 William Moran (2015) is attending law school at New York University and has worked at the Equal Opportunities Division of the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.



 Gavin Shiffres (2015) completed Teach for America in St. Louis and is founding a new charter network focused on student autonomy and personalized learning, a project building directly on his Education Studies capstone project.

 Dan Rubins (2016) is getting his MA in Elementary Inclusive Education at Teachers College, Columbia University while he continues to work on developing and expanding Hear Your Song, an organization he founded at Yale which empowers hospitalized pediatric patients to become recorded songwriters. 

 Anabelle Marty (2016) is teaching kindergarten at Amistad Elementary school in New Haven.


 Gabrielle Fong (2016) is currently forward deployed in Yokosuka, Japan onboard USS McCAMPBELL (DDG 85) as a Surface Warfare Officer. 


 Ezra Ritchin (2015) is Project Director of the Bronx Freedom Fund, a nonprofit founded in 2007 to pay bail for those who can’t afford it.


  Fortney ”Fish” Stark (2017) is a Fellow-In-Residence at Peace First, a social justice education nonprofit that helps young people around the world become peacemakers in their communities.


 Kate O’Brien (2017) is the Carla Horowitz Early Childhood fellow at Calvin Hill Childcare.


 Daniel Rietze (2016) is in the Boston Teacher Residency.


 Israel Tovar (2017) is completing the Stanford Teacher Education program.


 Abdul-Razak Zachariah (2017) is working as a grant-writer at LEAP (Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership, Inc.), an afterschool enrichment program for New Haven middle and high school students.


Paci Sophie Paci (2016) is currently teaching fourth grade at Greenwich Academy and working on her Master’s degree in Childhood Education at Bank Street College of Education in NYC.


Rosen Diana Rosen (2016) works as a paralegal in the federal public defender’s office in Brooklyn, where she helps attorneys, investigators, and social workers vigorously defend indigent clients charged with federal crimes.  


 Tanner Alread (2016) is teaching in a public school in Oklahoma through Teach for America.


 Abigail Cobb (2016) is also teaching in a public school in Oklahoma through Teach for America.


 Nathaly Basto Camargo (2017) is teaching at a private school near Mexico City.